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Nvolved, Inc. connects young people to their communities through work-based learning, service-learning, and community service using GetNvolved®, an online software application.
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Last year, I had a ring binder full of scraps of paper. Now it's all online. Thanks for all your help, it is amazing how much easier my job of managing and tracking volunteer hours has been thanks to this program.
Laura Kading, NHS Advisor
Kimberly High School, WI
“The GetNvolved Program is designed to help schools, students, community-based organizations, and other adults increase a young person's experience of these Developmental Assets. In particular, the program focues on the following assets: #7-Community Values Youth; #8-Youth as a Resource; #9-Service to Others; #3-Other Adult Relationships. Nurturing these assets is essential to healthy development.”
Dr. Peter Benson
Former President and CEO, Search Institute
"I think it helps show the importance of being on time and being able to count on the student to do a good job. Both the work place and the school can see if the person understands the importance of their job to the company."
Keith Nowak, Bergstrom Automotive