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Nvolved, Inc. connects young people to their communities through work-based learning, service-learning, and community service using GetNvolved®, an online software application.
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“I think is easy to use and was a good idea to put our hours online instead of doing all the paper work before. Thanks.”
Student Response
GetNvolved Feedback
"It's been a complete pleasure to work with you and use this program. By the way, we've gotten a great response from this program and have had some wonderful young people come down to help. What a wonderful thing you've created!!!!!"
Sarah Christensen
Neenah Animal Shelter
“The GetNvolved Program is designed to help schools, students, community-based organizations, and other adults increase a young person's experience of these Developmental Assets. In particular, the program focues on the following assets: #7-Community Values Youth; #8-Youth as a Resource; #9-Service to Others; #3-Other Adult Relationships. Nurturing these assets is essential to healthy development.”
Dr. Peter Benson
Former President and CEO, Search Institute