Nvolved, Inc. provides GetNvolved®, which helps connect communities to their young people, download the brochure here!

GETNVOLVED IS FREE! (Offer ends 7/1/17)

The Boldt Company, a Wisconsin-based construction firm with 125 years of history, stepped up and helped sponsor the GetNvolved service so Wisconsin middle and high schools can use it for free.  "We engage and motivate students to consider careers in the building trades and related occupations", says Tom Boldt, CEO.  “GetNvolved’s unique role in the work-based learning (WBL) cycle encourages students to reflect on their futures as they validate their past experiences.”

Nvolved, Inc. is looking for other companies to join Boldt in sponsoring a Career Exploration.  “There are 16 Career Clusters and we are very happy that The Boldt Company is sponsoring the Architecture and Construction Cluster in six high schools in the Fox Cities (WI).  We are looking for other business to sponsor their local schools”, according to Paul Vidas, president of Nvolved, Inc.

Most WBL and community service activities require validation by a worksite mentor, usually an adult working closely with a student.  GetNvolved makes this process very easy and convenient for the employers volunteer managers, students, and teachers that each contribute to the process.  It takes a routine task and makes it fulcrum for leveraging the WBL and community service experiences so they improve students' employability, academic participation, and college & career readiness.

Besides taking the work out of the validation of records and record-keeping, GetNvolved provides information on opportunities in and out of school, connections to postsecondary education, links to relevant career information, and online student portfolios that can be shared electronically.


For more information, contact support@nvolved.com

May 1, 2017