Nvolved, Inc. provides GetNvolved®, which helps connect communities to their young people, download the brochure here!

CESA 7 Partners with Nvolved to Deliver GetNvolved

The Cooperative Educational Service Association for Northeast Wisconsin (CESA7) struck a deal with Nvolved, Inc. to provide GetNvolved service to school districts across Wisconsin and the USA.  Nvolved provides GetNvolved®, an online application that streamlines work-based learning and community service program management.  Students record their experiences and submit their records for approval online.  Worksite mentors, volunteer supervisors, or teachers approve records online.  GetNvolved® also connects students to career exploration opportunities related to their experiences in the community.

Throughout 2016, school districts used GetNvolved for free.  Beginning July 1, 2017, districts pay a small annual licensing fee.  Additionally, ad posted by local sponsors continue to display and bring in revenue.  Ads encourage students to prepare themselves for occupations associated with the advertisers.