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Help identify and engage the next generation of high quality employees and volunteers.  To show our appreciation, we display your logo, and link our users to your website.  Average pricing is just $20 per month: $240 annually per school.  A Customer Service Representative from Nvolved, Inc. will contact you and answer all your questions after we receive your request.

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CESA 7 Partners with Nvolved to Deliver GetNvolved

The Cooperative Educational Service Association for Northeast Wisconsin (CESA7) struck a deal with Nvolved, Inc. to provide GetNvolved service to school districts across Wisconsin and the USA.  Nvolved provides GetNvolved®, an online application that streamlines work-based learning and community service program management.  Students record their experiences and submit their records for approval online.  Worksite mentors, volunteer supervisors, or teachers approve records online.  GetNvolved® also connects students to career exploration opportunities related to their experiences in the community.

Throughout 2016, school districts used GetNvolved for free.  Beginning July 1, 2017, districts pay a small annual licensing fee.  Additionally, ad posted by local sponsors continue to display and bring in revenue.  Ads encourage students to prepare themselves for occupations associated with the advertisers.