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Leadership Team

Paul Vidas, President and CEO

After earning his MS-Education in 1976, he went on to work with at-risk youth in residential treatment centers, drop-out prevention programs, and finally the YMCA. It was there that he began his extensive grant-writing efforts and brought in over $2M in federal, state and local funds for youth programming at the YMCA. In the last three decades, Paul developed connections in the youth development field across the USA.

GetNvolved® is Paul’s idea. It came as a result of his interactions with Search Institute (SI) and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). These organizations both believe that the ethic of service is critical to personal and national character development. Paul saw a need for infrastructure to simplify and streamline communications and recordkeeping. GetNvolved® is that infrastructure.


Patrick Brick, Vice President and CTO

With Patrick's classical education in software engineering and diverse industry experience, he has proven to understand software and technology.  His relationship with GetNvolved® began in 2007 and his guidance took GetNvolved® into the cloud in 2013.  Patrick's continued involvement, direction, and expertise in Azure, has been a cornerstone of Nvolved's success. 


Gary Van Lankvelt, Educational Consultant

Gary started as a school social worker, then a middle school principal, and finally a Student Service Coordinator for the fourth largest school district in Wisconsin. His knowledge of the inner workings of districts and their schools directs many of the strategic approaches employed by Nvolved, Inc.


Brian Hertziger, Information Technology Consultant

Early versions of GetNvolved® were written by Brian in ASP. He is a Senior Systems Developer at Cabalas’ corporate headquarters in Nebraska and a reseller for RAR compression software.


John Pranica, School Software Group, CPA

John joined the Leadership Team in 2007. As president of School Software Group, he is familiar with the industry in a way that makes him an extremely valuable member of the team. John’s company sells curricula development software to schools across the country.


Dave Willems, Partner in Willems Marketing

Dave is a highly respected businessman in Northeast Wisconsin. His philanthropic work with the nonprofit community has won his company many accolades. Willems Marketing prides itself in its creative approach to promoting products and service. 


Dennis Morrison, Financial Consultant

Dennis has lived in California’s Silicon Valley since the 1970’s. He has been a shareholder and advisor since 2003. His advice is instrumental to the strategic planning that guides the decisions of Nvolved, Inc. Dennis has been the CFO of numerous software companies in his 30 years in the industry and has extensive experience raising venture capital.


Pao Lor, Ph. D., Educational Consultant

Dr. Pao is an assistant professor in the Department of Education at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.  Pao’s previous work included years as a teacher, guidance counselor, and associate principal in Northeast Wisconsin.


James Nighswander, Ph.D., Educational Learning Resources, Inc.

Jim is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois-Springfield. He served as a teacher, counselor, research director, high school principal and director of curriculum and instruction in public schools in Illinois. He is currently the president of Educational Learning Resources, Inc., a company that provides professional development to educators and markets management software to public and private schools.


High School Impact

National Usage


What started as a very small project has grown.  Since 2006, over 8,750 high school students have entered more than 1,000,000 hours of community service and work-based learning.  Over 8,000 agencies across   19 States   participate in providing work and volutunteer opportunities for students.

GetNvolved® promotes higher education as well.  Students are asked to 'give their best guess' as to what they will be doing after high school. Responses are consolidated and made available as postsecondary reports.












“I think is easy to use and was a good idea to put our hours online instead of doing all the paper work before. Thanks.”
Student Response
GetNvolved Feedback
Last year, I had a ring binder full of scraps of paper. Now it's all online. Thanks for all your help, it is amazing how much easier my job of managing and tracking volunteer hours has been thanks to this program.
Laura Kading, NHS Advisor
Kimberly High School, WI
“Dealing with scraps of paper from so many different schools is not the way to go. This system is great. All the records are complete, available and simple to approve. They have built a better mousetrap."
Mike Collison
Appleton Community
Evangelical Free Church
"I think it helps show the importance of being on time and being able to count on the student to do a good job. Both the work place and the school can see if the person understands the importance of their job to the company."
Keith Nowak, Bergstrom Automotive
"We are endorsing GetNvolved®. America faces a growing set of challenges that cannot be adequately addressed without the help of energetic, educated and engaged young people."
Tom and Renee Boldt
“Research shows social connectedness (family, school, community) is the strongest known protective factor against virtually all adolescent risky behaviors. The development of resilient coping skills is also clearly related to having community connections and a sense of purpose. By linking young people with volunteer and community service opportunities, GetNvolved is doing exactly the kind of behind the scenes work that will make our communities healthier for everyone.”
Dr. David Mays
Clinical Faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Hi there my name is Pedro and I want to say that it's much easier.”
Student Feedback
GetNvolved Feedback
"It's been a complete pleasure to work with you and use this program. By the way, we've gotten a great response from this program and have had some wonderful young people come down to help. What a wonderful thing you've created!!!!!"
Sarah Christensen
Neenah Animal Shelter
“The GetNvolved Program is designed to help schools, students, community-based organizations, and other adults increase a young person's experience of these Developmental Assets. In particular, the program focues on the following assets: #7-Community Values Youth; #8-Youth as a Resource; #9-Service to Others; #3-Other Adult Relationships. Nurturing these assets is essential to healthy development.”
Dr. Peter Benson
Former President and CEO, Search Institute
Just a note of thanks for helping me set up the teen volunteer site for our event. It has proven to be a simple, uncomplicated way to recognize and document the efforts of our 'volunteens' for the event. It is perfect for my use and I will encourage each school to make the effort to enroll and get their teens moving into the volunteer world
Maggie Quigley
Every Girl's a Princess 2009
The kids think it's great. I think it's great. It saves me so much time. Our school has a 36-hour graduation requirement. Last year, we had full time staff person taking care of this. Now, it takes a few hours per semester.
Ann Bell, Counselor
Menasha High School, WI