The community connects to schools through its students.

If you think young people are our future, you’re late.  They are here now and contributing in a very meaningful way to our quality of life and the bottom line.  They form an army of volunteers and workers.  They put in billions of hours a year in the US, but 79% do not feel valued by the community. (Search Institute, “Profiles of Student Life”: Attitudes and Behaviors” Survey)  Why?

Could it be that we don’t have a good way to show them how much we appreciate what they are doing?  Do we share with other adults our knowledge of the value of youth in a way that youth can see?

If you want to engage more youth in community service and work…

If you want to share your knowledge of the value of youth with other adults…

If you want to empower youth to become competent, important, and contributing members of your community…


Sponsor a School

Enter communities and/or specific schools that you are interested in sponsoring.

Help identify and engage the next generation of high quality employees and volunteers.  To show our appreciation, we display your logo, and link our users to your website.  Average pricing is just $20 per month: $240 annually per school.  A Customer Service Representative from Nvolved, Inc. will contact you and answer all your questions after we receive your request.


Schools connect to the community through their students.

School-to-Work Coordinators, Community Engagement Liaisons, Career & Technical Educators, and Counselors use GetNvolved® increase the academic impact of work-based learning and community service experiences of students.

Using GetNvolved® demonstrates  21st Century Skills, makes student more “Career and College Ready”, and enhances their immediate and long-term chance for “jobs, jobs, jobs”.

There are so many adults in your community working with your students.  GetNvolved® puts you all on the same page, saves so much time, and does so much more than count hours.  It makes hours count.

If your school still uses ring binders full of papers to document student experiences in the community…

If students cannot access their work or community service history online…

If you struggle to keep your community partners’ contact information up to date…


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Students connect schools to the community.

Don’t you hate having to get signatures from employers and other adults you work with?  Wouldn’t you rather do all that by email?  You can.

GetNvolved® makes it easy for you to create verified portfolios that can help you land a job, enter higher education, and obtain scholarships. It also makes it easier for teachers and other adults to track and assess the impact of these experiences.

You learn about careers related to your current work or community service experiences because GetNvolved® connects to information on the web about Career Clusters, salary ranges, and where to get the training you need to move up.

If you want access to your own records 24/7/365…

If you want to get your records approved online…

If you want people in the community to know that you are making a difference…