Connecting students to community life through community service and work-based learning experiences.

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GetNvolved® makes it easy for you to create verified portfolios that can help you land a job, enter higher education, and obtain scholarships.


GetNvolved® makes it easier for schools to track, assess, and report on students' volunteer experiences with AMAZING reports and extracts!


GetNvolved® makes it easy to connect the community to schools through its students. The youth are our future, they are here now and contributing in a very meaningful way.


Eliminates Paperwork

Increases Academic Impact

Promotes College & Career Readiness

Empowers Students & Area Businesses

Student Recognition

Mobilizing Our Future Volunteers


WHY GetNvolved®

Low Cost

Organic Business Outreach

Immediate Onboarding

Minimum Oversight, Students Own It

Reliable, Cloud Hosted, Secure

Raise Funds


Managing student volunteers

How do you manage your students’ community service volunteering? Do you still go data mining in ring binders full of paper? Do you spend way too much time doing data entry that could be done by practically anybody? Are you addressing the State Standards regarding the use of technology, transactional approaches, and community outreach? GetNvolved can help.
Nvolved, Inc. developed GetNvolved®, a web application that enhances the educational value of community service and work-based learning experiences by empowering students to create and maintain their own records. Teachers and members of the community approve the records using an online process that saves time and provides reliable data for detailed reports. GetNvolved also connects students to career exploration opportunities related to their experiences in the community. GetNvolved is a fantastic resource for counselors, CTE teachers, School-to-Work coordinators, administrators, students, and parents.


Here is why we're so passionate

Last year, I had a ring binder full of scraps of paper. Now it's all online. Thanks for all your help, it is amazing how much easier my job of managing and tracking volunteer hours has been thanks to this program.
Laura Kading, NHS Advisor
Kimberly High School, WI
Just a note of thanks for helping me set up the teen volunteer site for our event. It has proven to be a simple, uncomplicated way to recognize and document the efforts of our 'volunteens' for the event. It is perfect for my use and I will encourage each school to make the effort to enroll and get their teens moving into the volunteer world.
Maggie Quigley, Every Girl's a Princess
The kids think it's great. I think it's great. It saves me so much time. Our school has a 36-hour graduation requirement. Last year, we had full time staff person taking care of this. Now, it takes a few hours per semester.
Ann Bell, Counselor
Menasha High School, WI


Gail Hawley Testimonial
Patti Houlihan Testimonial


It's simple.

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Ready to start

Welcome to GetNvolved® (GNV, the system,, a website that promotes and manages community service and work-based learning. Following the steps outlined here makes GNV easy to implement and operate. Nvolved, Inc. support staff will help you all the way.

We encourage you to review, and distribute at your leisure, our comprehensive Getting Started Guide. It contains a Getting Started Checklist, FAQ, and Student Onboarding Instructions.
Initial In-House Groundwork
• Obtain administrative commitment.
• Have the IT Department allow traffic from the and domains to pass so teachers and students can use the system.
Email Us "Please Set Me Up" To Grant You Access
Please include your name, school, and enrollment size.
We'll create the First Teacher Account for you so you can login to GetNvolved. This Teacher Account is usually the lead teacher or counselor for School-to-Work or Community Service, but not necessarily.
Login To "GetNvolved" To Create Teacher Accounts
The any Teacher Account can create, edit, or lock other Teacher Accounts or... Teacher Accounts can be created through a bulk upload from the school to Nvolved.
Within 30 days of us creating the First Teacher Account you'll recieve an Invoice, or we'll send it once we receive a Purchase Order.
That’s it! Getting started is easy. Ongoing operation is even easier. And we are here to help students, parents, teachers, and other members of your communities every step of the way.


Feel free to contact us if your question isn't answered below

What about support?
Nvolved, Inc. responds quickly by phone, email or Skype®. Our support staff makes every effort to see that teachers and others find GetNvolved® easy to use.
Is the student information secure?
Yes. All users, including students, must have an ID and password. The server is protected and never produces spam or other content not related directly to the GetNvolved® operation. Students do not see each other on the site. Worksite mentors do not access the site except to verify a record after receiving a link via email. Once verified, the record cannot be accessed without proper credentials.
What about training?
Online videos and a robust Help document system take care of most issues. GetNvolved support is available through email and phone. Training for teachers is usually unnecessary, but is available online (free) or in person (fee-based).
What about student Help?
Help icons appear along the right edge of almost every page on the GetNvolved site. Links to online videos are found throughout the site, especially on Help pages. A “Contact Us” link appears at the bottom on every page.
Who posts volunteer opportunities?
• Students, for themselves.
• Teachers, for their students. Any Teacher Account can post in-school opportunities. Having opportunities visible to students when they first login is a very good thing.
• Agencies and businesses, for their local schools (Post do not appear to students until vetted by a Regional Administrator.)
How do schools notify students and get them started?
Schools ask each student to go to and create an account. No additional effort by staff is required. In some cases, schools send a roster to Nvolved, Inc. and asks for credentials. Nvolved send the school credentials for all students on the roster, and then the school delivers them to students. The first method is the most popular, by far.
How many teachers can access the system?
GetNvolved does not limit the number of teachers allowed to have accounts. Schools decide. Any teacher can add or remove other teachers. Once given access, schools manage their own accounts.
Who verifies the work or service?
Teachers and Worksite Mentors


Support, questions, or anything else, we're always available!


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Meet our Team

GetNvolved® is Paul’s idea. It came as a result of his interactions with Search Institute (SI) and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). These organizations both believe that the ethic of service is critical to personal and national character development. Paul saw a need for infrastructure to simplify and streamline communications and record keeping. GetNvolved® is that infrastructure.

After earning his MS-Education in 1976, he went on to work with at-risk youth in residential treatment centers, drop-out prevention programs, and finally the YMCA. It was there that he began his extensive grant-writing efforts and brought in over $2M in federal, state and local funds for youth programming at the YMCA. In the last three decades, Paul developed connections in the youth development field across the USA.

With Patrick's classical education in software engineering and diverse industry experience, he has proven to understand software and technology. His relationship with GetNvolved® began in 2007 and his guidance took GetNvolved® into the cloud in 2013. Patrick's continued involvement, direction, and expertise in Azure, has been a cornerstone of Nvolved's success.

Gary started as a school social worker, then a middle school principal, and finally a Student Service Coordinator for the fourth largest school district in Wisconsin. His knowledge of the inner workings of districts and their schools directs many of the strategic approaches employed by Nvolved, Inc.

John joined the Leadership Team in 2007. As president of School Software Group, he is familiar with the industry in a way that makes him an extremely valuable member of the team. John’s company sells curricula development software to schools across the country.

Dave is a highly respected businessman in Northeast Wisconsin. His philanthropic work with the nonprofit community has won his company many accolades. Willems Marketing prides itself in its creative approach to promoting products and service.

Dennis has lived in California’s Silicon Valley since the 1970’s. He has been a shareholder and advisor since 2003. His advice is instrumental to the strategic planning that guides the decisions of Nvolved, Inc. Dennis has been the CFO of numerous software companies in his 30 years in the industry and has extensive experience raising venture capital.

Dr. Pao is an assistant professor in the Department of Education at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. Pao’s previous work included years as a teacher, guidance counselor, and associate principal in Northeast Wisconsin.

Jim is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois-Springfield. He served as a teacher, counselor, research director, high school principal and director of curriculum and instruction in public schools in Illinois. He is currently the president of Educational Learning Resources, Inc., a company that provides professional development to educators and markets management software to public and private schools.

Early versions of GetNvolved® were written by Brian in ASP. He is a Senior Systems Developer at Cabalas’ corporate headquarters in Nebraska and a reseller for RAR compression software.